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Hill Songs

Hill Songs/ Border 2008

Produced recorded and mixed by Coste Apetrea

  1. This Road Chose Me (Lyrics & Music: Eva Hillered)
  2. Tattered Wings (Lyrics & Music: Eva Hillered/ Ben Bedford)
  3. Deeper Well (Lyrics & Music: Emmylou Harris, Daniel Lanois,David Olney)
  4. Ladders In The Sky (Lyrics & Music: Eva Hillered/ Sean Millar)
  5. Waterfall (Lyrics & Music: Eva Hillered/ David Llewellyn)
  6. Living In Between (Lyrics & Music: Eva Hillered/ Tom Kimmel)
  7. Just A Few Steps (Lyrics & Music: Eva Hillered/Lisa Aschmann)
  8. Back Up Girl (Lyrics & Music: Eva Hillered/Dana Cooper)
  9. Alchemy (Lyrics & Music: Eva Hillered/Tom Kimmel)
  10. Spring Will Come Around (Lyrics : Eva Hillered/Dana Cooper Music: Eva Hillered)
  11. Hill Songs (Lyrics & Music: Eva Hillered)
  12. A Song For Me (Lyrics & Music: Eva Hillered/René Schmidt)
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